In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
from Illinois to the Pacific
Aug. 8 - 25, 2007

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Helena, MT to Great Falls, MT
(Meriwether Lewis' 233rd birthday)

George Dean (left) tells us about the railroad. The first spike was removed and, at completion, became the last spike.

Today's travel took us on a boat trip thru the "Gates of the Rocky Mountains", on the Missouri River. Named by Meriwether Lewis on July 19, 1805, this is a protected area and will hopefully remain forever in its natural state.

The "Sleeping Giant" was visible for many miles along the highway today.

We visited Ulm Pishkun, an ancient buffalo jump near Great Falls, MT. A prairie dog is at the top of a cliff from which buffalo were herded to the edge until they fell over. Read Meriwether Lewis' description of the process.