In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
From Illinois to the Pacific
August 1 - 18, 201

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Sept. 19, Day 14, Missoula to Lewiston
On the continental divide between Montana and Idaho, with Ritchie Doyle as William Clark

Travelers Rest State Park in Lolo, MT -- the only archaeologically proven Lewis and Clark campsite

Renee stands with our flag in the area where mercury was found--the explorers sinque.

Jody on the real Lewis and Clark trail at Howard Creek.

Ritchie Doyle took us to Packer Meadows and led us out to Glade Creek which L&C mentioned when they were here on Sept. 13, 1805, and again on June 29, 1806. A far source of the Columbia River.

Mark and I pretend we are standing beside the "heretofore thought endless Missouri River."

A beautiful cedar grove devoted to a great historian, Bernard Devoto.

In the heart of the Nez Perce reservation we stopped at the "Heart of the Monster", where Coyote defeated  a monster, cut him up and threw the pieces out creating the various Indian tribes. Blood from the heart became the Nez Perce.

This wooden horse is on display at the National Park's Nez Perce Interpretive Center, new Lewiston, ID.

Amy's Journal

Day 14, Saturday, September 19, 2009, Missoula, Mt. -- Lewiston ID - 225 miles, total 2609 
On the bus, Tom showed us an amazing DVD titled The Great Ice Age Floods describing catastrophic transformation of the West. I never could have imagined such an occurrence.

Our first stop today was Travelers' Rest State Park. Loren, the Park Mgr. explained the long history of this rest stop located at the confluence of Lolo Creek and the Bitterroot River. He then took us on a short walk and began to explain the physical evidence that L & C's group camped here.  Thanks to a Missoula archeologist, Dan Hall, who took measurements and suggested further study, to metal detectors locating a pewter button like soldiers used in L & C's time, to magnetometers finding evidence of fires in this location, and finally evidence of a latrine with a layer of grey organic matter (we can all guess what that means) plus mercury (evidence of Dr. Rush's Thunderbolts) The National Park Service moved their site (first time ever) to this location which opened in 2002.

 Ritchie, our Step On Guide, re-enacting Capt. William Clark, was very informative and humorous.  We saw Fort Fizzle where the US Army tried unsuccessfully to barricade the Nez Perce. Further on, we walked into a mountain trail a short distance up the mountain at an angle.  If one were to go STRAIGHT UP, it would challenge the fittest athlete! We drove on to the Lolo Hot Springs where Capt. Clark had soaked in warm water.  

We then walked through Packer Meadows a short distance to Glade Creek, which joins Crooked Creek, then Lochsa River, eventually flowing into the great Columbia River. We stopped at Lolo Pass. And we saw where Bernard DeVoto's ashes were scattered - in a Cedar Grove--a beautiful Fir and Spruce tree shaded walk to the clear splashing creek.

 Our lunch was a delicious soup and sandwich plate in the attractive Lochsa Log Cabin Lodge.

With the steep, powerful and awesomely beautiful Bitterroot Mountains surrounding us, we drove on, following the beautiful, wild and scenic Lochsa River for hours.  We were slowed down due to road work, so we did not stop at the Canoe Camp, but drove on to the Nez Perce Museum for 30mins.  Shortly afterward we reached Lewiston, ID and our hotel, the Red Lion Inn.  They were waiting for us.  We could tell it would be a comfortable evening and night.  Dinner was FIRST CLASS!!   Our after dinner Presenter was EXCELLENT!! He was Aaron Miles, Natural Resources Mgr. for the Nez Perce.  He gave us history of his tribe and what is being done to save the salmon industry hurt by the Columbia River dams.

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2384 + Missoula, MT to Lewiston, ID  225 = 2609

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