In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
From Illinois to the Pacific
July 27 - Aug. 13, 201

0  Day 2, July 28:  - Arch, Camp Dubois, St. Charles +96 = 96 miles

The day begins at the iconic Gateway Arch in St. Louis

And the great museum beneath it.

Then on to the replica L&C winter campsite of 1803-1804, where we raised our own flag, and sang "Yankee Doodle."

Inside the interpretive center we inspect a replica keelboat

Looking across the Mississippi to the mouth of the Missouri River

Dave and Inez (left), and the honeymoon couple, Paul & Bunny at lunch

Replicas of the L&C boats at St. Charles. These boats recreated the entire journey in 2004-2006

Museum of the Lewis and Clark boathouse in St. Charles

July 28, Day 2, Confluence, Arch, St. Charles