In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
From Illinois to the Pacific
July 27 - Aug. 13, 201

St. Charles....3253...Day 17, Aug. 12:  Astoria, OR  to Portland, OR +112 = 3365

It is often foggy at the highest point in Astoria. Some people climbed 162 steps and fly balsa planes.
You can look at former years to see better pictures.

Since there was so little to see and time to spend, one of our group, playing on his name, started a game of "Hyman Says". I guess even at 80 we are all still kids at heart.

Chinook Burial Canoe

Fort Clatsop. Winter Quarters for 1805-06

Walking in

After visiting the fort we went to the Silver Salmon for a great lunch.

Final Dinner and Reflections on the Journey.

3253...Day 17, Aug. 13:  Astoria, OR  to Portland, OR +112 = 3365

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