In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
From Illinois to the Pacific
July 26 - Aug. 12, 2015

1377...Day 8, August 2 -  Bismarck, ND to Medora, ND  213 = 1590

Concretions from the mouth of The Cannonball river

North Dakota Heritage Museum Mastodon

Interpretive Center at Washburn, ND. Unfortunately a tree was downed at Fort Mandan so we were not able to make our normal visit there. However here are a couple of pictures from the archives.


Listening to a talk about the depressions left by the earth lodges of the Hidatsa Indians at Knife River Indian Villages

On the road to Medora we saw these gigantic sculptures. The Geese in Flight is part of the Enchanted Highway.

I haven't been to this great musical for 14 years. It was superb again. Shannon and I exchanged places in the cutouts.

St. Charles, MO----------1377...Day 8, August 2 -  Bismarck, ND to Medora, ND  213 = 1590

Comfort Inn, Bismarck to Medora, ND